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‘Two and a Half Men’ casting a girl to play Charlie’s long-lost daughter


Question: How many teenage girls equal one half-man on “Two and a Half Men”? The long-running CBS sitcom may give us the answer in Season 11. The show is reportedly casting a new — and female — regular character.

Who is this mystery girl? According to a report from, the new girl will be the long-lost and previously unknown daughter of the late Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). She shows up on the doorstep of Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher), looking for her daddy. Instead, the poor girl gets Walden and her Uncle Alan (Jon Cryer).

The girl, probably in her late teens or early twenties, is meant as a replacement for the original half-man, Jake, now that Angus T. Jones will no longer be a “Two and a Half Men” regular. She is, through twists and machinations that make sense only in the sitcom world, going to end up living with Walden and Alan in her dead dad’s house.

Will CBS change the title of the show to reflect the fact that one of the fractional “Men” characters is a girl? Probably not. After all, this is a show that makes substitutions and major cast changes with little comment.

Photo/Video credit: CBS

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