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Tyler Perry Becomes the Eighth Filmmaker To Remake a Korean Body-Swap Comedy

Tyler Perry just entered the cinematic history books. It wasn’t because Boo! A Madea Halloween set some crazy box office record. It’s not because he’s the first filmmaker ever to cross some boundary. In fact, the record isn’t a first at all: it’s for being one of eight filmmakers to remake the hit 2014 Korean body-swap comedy Miss Granny

Yes, a Korean body-swap comedy called Miss Granny will soon have been remade eight times since 2014. This makes it, according to original production company CJ Entertainment, the world’s most adapted film.

The film already has Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian and Japanese versions either in the can or on the way, and now The Hollywood Reporter says Spanish and English redos are on the way as well. Tyler Perry’s company is the one behind the English version, though at this stage he’s only producing, not directing.

So what’s so special about Miss Granny? Having not seen any of the versions, we’re at a loss to say, but apparently the world over is finding something to relate in the story about a grandma who mysteriously swaps into her 20-year-old body and uses it to get to know her family in a new light. That’s essentially the premise of every body-swap comedy there is, so we’re not sure why this is the one that’s blowing up, but apparently it’s creative enough that Perry thought something along the lines of, ‘Dang, I wish I’d thought of doing that with a Madea movie. Oh well, let’s just remake it instead.’

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