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Unpacking ‘Better Call Saul’s’ Season 3 premiere: Gus Fring’s arrival will change ev…

How long will it take, exactly, before Jimmy McGill becomes Saul Goodman? It’s a question we’ve been asking since the “Breaking Bad” spinoff first hit AMC.

Monday’s (April 10) Season 3 premiere of “Better Call Saul” sets certain events in motion that not only set up the arrival of Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) — which will surely change every character’s lives — but it delivers three major plot points that will contribute heavily to Jimmy’s downfall:

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The battle of Jimmy & Chuck McGill
(Bob Odenkirk & Michael McKean)

better call saul season 3 michael mckean bob odenkirk Unpacking Better Call Sauls Season 3 premiere: Gus Frings arrival will change everything
“Mabel” picks up exactly where Season 2 ends: Jimmy admits to shuffling a few numbers around in Chuck’s pending deal with Mesa Verde Bank & Trust. It’s a huge blow to Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill — and a bigger blow to Chuck. But to Jimmy, the felony is just a drop in the bucket.

Chuck doesn’t come off like the type to let go of such grudges, and it’s clear he’s putting a plan in motion to get even with his brother. We’re not exactly sure how he’ll get revenge, but something tells us the McGill brother is about to send Slippin’ Jimmy to jail…

Unlucky accessory Kim Wexler
(Rhea Seehorn)

better call saul 301 rhea seehorn kim wexler amc Unpacking Better Call Sauls Season 3 premiere: Gus Frings arrival will change everything
It’s clear Kim is doing her best — it’s her work that’s been keeping the firm she shares with Jimmy afloat. But while it feels like she’s on the straight and narrow, we can’t help but worry that Jimmy’s crime will come back to bite her. She may shirk the topic every time it’s brought up, but Kim knows of his transgression — heck, she’s co-signed it! Instead of coming clean to her former HHM bosses, Kim’s the one who’s personally handled the Mesa Verde deal — and it doesn’t look like she’ll be giving it up any time soon.

So what happens to Kim once Jimmy goes to jail? Their shared law firm is sure to take a hit but more than that, we fear she’ll be taken down as well. It’s obvious she’s an accessory to the crime — and that could be the final straw in their professional (and personal) relationship.

Mike Ehrmantraut on the case
(Jonathan Banks)

better call saul season 3 mike ehrmantraut jonathan banks Unpacking Better Call Sauls Season 3 premiere: Gus Frings arrival will change everything

After Mike’s failed attempt on Hector Salamanca’s life in the Season 2 finale, he’s left frantically searching for answers: Who put the “DON’T!” note on his windshield? Ehrmantraut doesn’t know the answers yet, but all signs are pointing to Gus Fring, and Mike’s hot on the trail.

We can’t wait for Fring to make his triumphant entrance into the “Better Call Saul” story — and his timing couldn’t be more crucial. With Jimmy’s fate hanging in the balance, we’ve got a strong feeling the pending partnership of Mike & Gus will be the catalyst that not only bails McGill out of this bind with Chuck — but finally sets him on the inevitable and very dark road he’s meant to walk.

better call saul season 3 bob odenkirk1 Unpacking Better Call Sauls Season 3 premiere: Gus Frings arrival will change everything

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In the episode’s opening moments, Chuck and Jimmy reminisce over a book from their childhood: “The Adventures of Mabel.” The story follows a young girl who disobeys her mother’s wishes and heads deep into the woods to pick berries. When she strays too far from the path, Mabel happens upon the King of the lizards — who, in exchange for her help, grants the young girl the ability to communicate with the animals.

If Jimmy is Mabel in this equation, then Gus Fring has got to be the Lizard King. And once Season 3 puts the two characters together, it’s only a matter of time before the memory of McGill burns into oblivion — making way for Saul Goodman to rise from his unfortunate ashes.

“Better Call Saul” Season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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