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‘Vikings’: Prepare for the rise of Ivar the Boneless

Step aside, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) — there’s a new member of your clan to keep an eye on, and it’s your own son. When “Vikings” returns to the History Channel Nov. 30, for the second half of Season 4, it’s going to to be Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) commanding the attention of fans.

After the time jump in the midseason finale, Ivar is no longer the disabled child with rage issues we remember: Now he’s a young man who grew up feeling isolated from those around him due to his disability.

“Being physically handicapped in a very physical Viking culture is just such a huge challenge for him. He’s always been the one sitting alone on the beach, watching his three brothers fishing,” Andersen says. “He’s always been the lone wolf — and that’s made him strong, because he’s chosen to fight every single day and become independent, even though that asks so much more of you, as a person, when you’re crippled in that culture.”

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It’s not just the resolve to survive that’s shaped him, though. Relying on brain over brawn has left Ivar with an incredible mind, though even he may not fully realize it yet.

“What he doesn’t see, which is completely obvious to Ragnar, is he’s 100% stronger than everyone else — his brothers — because of his disability,” the actor continues. “Every single of his day of his life he’s compensated for that disability and because he’s done that he’s become such a strong character. And he’s so intelligent.”

Now with his father reentering the picture after being gone for a decade, Ivar has the chance to show exactly how ruthless and cunning he can be with his brain to guide him.

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“It’s a great, great thing for Ivar that Ragnar returns. It really is,” Andersen says. “It means the world to him. But of course, Ivar’s never going to show it.”

What he is going to show is his violent side. In the trailer for Season 4b released at San Diego Comic-Con, Ivar is seen killing people under the cover of night, and on a voyage with Ragnar. Regardless of the disabilities he faces, nothing is going to stop Ivar from achieving his destiny as a feared and respected Viking leader.

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Until he takes to the battlefield though, Andersen is happy with what he knows about Ivar. “I saw a meme on Instagram where there was a picture of me and it said Son of Ragnar, Schooled by Floki and Raised by Aslaug,” he says. “To me, that was pretty obvious what that said about him.”

Never has there been a scarier trio, to mold a true Viking warrior.

“Vikings” returns Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on History.

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