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‘Vikings’ creator chimes in on whether Torvi survived Kattegat’s invasion

Before the Season 4 finale of “Vikings,” there is one major thing that needs to be discussed. What happened to Torvi (Georgia Hirst)?

When Egil the Bastard (Charlie Kelly) attempted to invade Kattegat and dispose of Queen Lagertha (Katheryn Winick), he and his army failed. Many died in the attack though, including Torvi — or so we thought. In her final shot of the episode, Torvi lay seemingly dead with two arrows sticking out of her, though to be fair neither of them ins’t plunged into her heart. Right before the camera cut away, her eyes half-blinked.


It could have meant a couple of things. Perhaps this was the sign that she had actually survived the attack. Then again, it looked a lot like her last gasp of life — or even her nerves firing right after death. Whatever the case, Torvi looked far the worse for wear, and it certainly didn’t seem like she’d make it out of Season 4 alive.

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What’s the real story, though? It turns out this is one thread “Vikings” wants buried in the back of your mind. When asked by Screener how Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) will be impacted by the death of his wife, creator Michael Hirst replies with genuine curiosity in his voice, “Do you really know that Torvi is dead?”

With that one question, any theories one might have about Torvi’s death are thrown right out the window. Clearly Hirst is inferring that Torvi survived, right? Or is he?

While Hirst adds he’s “not sure that she’s dead,” the true story is left to viewers to debate until it’s finally revealed what became of her after the invasion.

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One thing’s for sure, we hope she isn’t dead. This has been a fantastic season for Torvi, as she became one of Lagertha’s fiercest warriors. While death in combat is a noble one for a Viking, there’s so much more the character can do should she survive.

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