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WAGS Miami Recap: All Hell Breaks Loose Between Ashley Nicole Roberts and Claudia Sampedro at D…

Miami may be a sunny city, but you better watch out for the shade.

The cast of E!’s WAGS Miami obviously learned that lesson well after making their debut in tonight’s juicy series premiere—which was way more explosive than we ever expected!

But before all of the drama even popped off, we were first introduced to the new crew of women—Ashley Nicole Roberts, Astrid Bavaresco, Claudia Sampedro, Darnell Nicole, Hencha Voigt, Metisha Schaefer and Vanessa Cole—who are dating and romancing professional sports stars.

“I’ve been called everything in the book, jersey chaser, cleat chaser, groupie, but what can I say? I love athletes!” Hencha said.

The episode opened with Darnell inviting Ashley, Vanessa and Claudia on a yacht to toast to her recent engagement with Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones. But Ashley was bitter because she still hadn’t gotten a ring from her boyfriend of seven years, Atlanta Falcons linebacker Philip Wheeler.

Ashley revealed that since he hasn’t proposed, she’s been withholding sex. “I just felt like you’re not willing to give me all of you yet, so I can’t give you all of me anymore,” she said. “It’s been over a year now. It’s been a very long time, so I’m extra dry down there. It’s really like a desert down there.” TMI!

Later, Darnell said she wanted to have a brunch and bring the rest of her girlfriends together to celebrate. But when she revealed she invited Hencha and Metisha, Claudia, who’s with Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius Peppers, was a little worried, and she expressed her concerns to Ashley privately.

“I just feel like there are people that you party with, and then there are people that you bring around your circle,” Claudia said. “There are girls that I party with that I wouldn’t bring around my man.”

She continued, “From what I’ve heard, Hencha’s dated a lot of guys. I don’t really know who Metisha’s dating, I don’t know who Hencha’s dating, and I’ll just leave it at that.”

Ashley didn’t think it was anything to get upset about. “Girl, I wouldn’t worry,” she said. “They’re not even really WAGS. Let’s just go and have a good time.”

But after hearing Claudia’s concerns, Ashley reached out to Hencha to meet up and get to the bottom of their feud before Darnell’s engagement brunch. Hencha said she didn’t know Claudia that well personally, but accused her of stealing her old boyfriend!

Ashley then shared Claudia’s fears with Hencha. “She was just giving me the overall feeling that I would have to watch my man around you and Metisha,” she said. “She ain’t call y’all hos, but she alluded to the fact that y’all engaged in ho-like behavior.”

Hencha was surprised to hear that. “It’s just so crazy to me because she’s the queen ho of all the hos,” she responded. “To think about her situation, how she got her man, I think people should watch her around people’s men!”

Ashley was more confused than ever after that bombshell. “Clearly, there’s some bad blood here,” she said. “The stories are not matching right now because she’s saying she a ho, and she’s saying she a ho. I’m just trying to figure who the ho is!”

As you can imagine, the tension was quite thick when the ladies all finally met up for Darnell’s engagement celebration at Seaspice restaurant. Initially, they tried to keep it cordial at the table, but after a while Metisha couldn’t pretend any longer. She had heard about Claudia’s comments from Hencha, and now she wanted answers. Immediately, if not sooner.

Claudia thought it was a tad inappropriate in that setting, but Ashley stepped in to try to explain what happened and hopefully calm down the situation. “We were speaking about you two, and you were just saying, like, that they were party girls,” she said.

But that account was too diplomatic for Hencha. “She spoke of us to you as if we were some type of hos or girls that just go around,” she said. Claudia then jumped in to defend herself, but Ashley interrupted. “You didn’t try to make it seem like they were angels!” she said. “Let’s be clear now!”

As the conversation got louder and more heated, Darnell became visibly frustrated with the back and forth bickering. “I brought all of these girls together, and they are going at it like cats and dogs,” she said. “I’m a little pissed off at this point.” Claudia then turned the tables and called out Ashley for putting her on the spot. “I’m just showing your character,” Claudia told her.

“Nah, boo,” Ashley replied. “You don’t got to show nothing. I show my own character!” She added, “You’re not going to make me look crazy because you’re trying to protect yourself. Like no, I’m going to say something, and I’ma be a G about it.”

Later, Nicole Williams invited Metisha out to lunch while she was in town for a modeling gig to dish on her engagement to Larry English. But it was a difficult situation for Metisha, who had previously been in a long-term relationship with the football player. On one hand, she wanted to have a friendship with Nicole, but she also had her own boundaries.

“I did have a relationship with him, and it was something really emotional,” Metisha told her. “I feel like I need to leave the past behind for me in order to move forward. Now, I need to be selfish. I need to think about what’s best for me, and I think the best thing for me is to step back.”

Following their blowup at Seaspice, Claudia and Ashley met for dinner to hash out their differences and clear the air…or at least try to. “I feel like they came for me all of a sudden, and I was completely not expecting that,” Claudia said. “What threw me off guard was the whole misunderstanding to begin with because the only person that they spoke to was you, like what got lost in translation?”

Ashley recommended she chat with Hencha to figure it all out because she’s been hearing things from both sides. But Claudia accused her of being a hypocrite and lying. “What do I have to lie about?” she asked. “I’m not scared to repeat what the f–k I got to say about anything!”

“Then, shut the f–k up and stop talking about it!” Claudia replied. Ashley then got up from the table and told her, “You don’t want to come at me like that.” The two then got into each other’s faces and had to be separated before getting physical.

“What the f–k is up with this ratchet-ass f–king bitch?” Claudia asked, before Ashley left the restaurant. 

“Look at you,” Ashley responded. “You’re all mad. You got your panties in a bunch, calling me a ratchet-ass bitch. OK, boo. I’ma show you ratchet.”

Watch the series premiere of WAGS Miami Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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