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Watch: Michael K. Williams Stars In a Brilliant Short Film About Typecasting

Back in the early ’90s Vin Diesel broke into the movie industry after writing, directing and starring in his first short film, Multi-Facial. In it he plays a struggling actor in New York whose mixed racial identity has him locked in a constant struggle of not being quite right for a part. Some casting directors think his skin isn’t the right shade. Some think he’s not Italian enough, others not Spanish enough. The only career it seems like Diesel can have is if he leans into every stereotype people are expecting, which is the exact opposite of what he wants.

It’s a pretty remarkable short film, and if you only know Diesel from his Fast and Furious side, you should definitely check it out. And then make it a double bill with this fantastic new short film starring Michael K. Williams (The Wire, 12 Years a Slave) called Am I Typecast?.

In it, Williams plays several different versions of himself, each one having a different take on the answer. At less than 3 minutes, it’s obviously short but the way it layers in perspectives is quite clever and it packs a punch even in such a quick run time. Check it out.

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And if you haven’t seen Multi-Facial, enjoy that as well.

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