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Watch: ‘Science-Fiction Land’ Is the Kinda-Sorta Prequel to ‘Argo’

Hollywood loves a story within a story, and we’ve goot a doozy for you. In the Ben Affleck-starring and directed political thriller Argo — based on the true story of a rescue mission to save six American hostages in Iran during the 1980s — the covert operation worked under the guise of a fake movie production. The screenplay was dubbed Argo — hence, Affleck’s title — but in reality, it was called Lord of Light. The name comes from award-winning writer Roger Zelazny’s book, which was optioned for a screenplay by inventor Barry Ira Geller. He was intent on creating a blockbuster, and enlisted a team of who’s who of creative visionaries, including famed comic book creator Jack Kirby, Hollywood makeup and special-effects gurus John Chambers and Maurice Stein, world-renowned architect Paolo Soleri, iconic author Ray Bradbury, and futurist Buckminster Fuller. Geller also had aspirations to transform the sets of the movie into the first sci-fi theme park in Aurora, Colorado. The entire project collapsed amid a huge scandal. Later, Geller learned that the CIA had swiped his screenplay for their cover and renamed it. So basically, this is the kinda-sorta prequel to Argo, but… not really. Got all that? Ok, let’s move on.

Emmy-nominated director Judd Ehrlich wants to make his own movie based on Geller’s unrealized dream. “Science-Fiction Land delves deeply into this true science-fiction story and recognizes its unsung heroes. As only an independent film can, we push the boundaries of storytelling to create something unique and visually rich,” Ehrlich writes on his Kickstarter page. “We want the film to transport viewers to Science-Fiction Land and bring the vision of Kirby, Geller and the team to life.” The filmmaker wants to use animations, graphics, models, reenactments and other special-effects goodies to channel the spirit of Geller’s creation. Check out the video below for more about Science-Fiction Land’s fascinating backstory. Throw your dollars and cents at the Kickstarter page if you’re so inclined (you should be!). [via Doc Blog]

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