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Watch: See How Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins Makes Your Favorite Horror Movies Even Scarier

Sometimes it’s the oddest Saturday Night Live sketches that wind up sticking around to become cult classics.

Though we’re only a few days out from Tom Hanks’ ludicrous appearance as the character David S. Pumpkins during a weird sketch set on a Halloween ride at an amusement park, the way the internet has reacted tells us this will be a character that sticks… and sticks hard.

Here’s the sketch as a refresher…

[embedded content]

It’s definitely not immediately apparent what, exactly, is so funny about this sketch, but there’s just something about the oddness of it — the gestures, the random addition of a middle initial to his name, the wacky skeleton duo, and the way Hanks goes all in on the bit — that just incites a serious case of the giggles.

And it’s clear fans want to see more of David S. Pumpkins. They want his mythology to live on. They even want him to show up in actual horror movies as the scary bad guy, hence this fan-made video.

Who knows why certain SNL characters find immediate cult status while others are just as forgettable, but David S. Pumpkins has found a massive fanbase and he must live on. Hopefully SNL is watching and feeding off that hype, and hopefully Hanks will be back next Halloween (and the next, and the next) to reprise David S. Pumpkins for further freaky adventures.

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