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Watch: This House Re-created the Epic ‘Christmas Vacation’ Lights Display

When you think of the ultimate Christmas-movie lights display, you turn to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the one Clark Griswold meticulously sets up on his house. If you remember the scene — and most of us do because we probably watched the movie a bunch leading up to this year’s holiday — then of course you recall that Clark had so many lights on his house that he briefly took down power to the entire surrounding neighborhoods.

Fortunately for the guy who won Fandango’s “Christmas Movie My House” contest, things were a bit more organized when it came to awarding him a prize that included a lights display that looks very much like the one at Clark’s house. 

Ever wonder what the Griswold lights might look like in real life? Wonder no more. Fandango posted video of the winner lighting up his house on Instagram and you can check it out below.

(And unlike Clark, his lights worked on the first try.)

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