We Can’t Stop Talking About Allison Williams’s Style

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10/05/2012 at 06:30 PM ET

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Most red carpet newbies take some time to find their fashion footing, and often they have a few misses under their belts before they start having steady hits.

Girls star Allison Williams is apparently the rare exception to the Hollywood rule. She burst onto the scene this spring when the HBO show became a runaway hit and she has been one of the most consistently on-trend stars in the past few months.

Just a few weeks after her show launched, she made one of her first major red carpet appearances: at the Met Gala. Talk about a scary style testing ground. But she passed with flying colors. Specifically, the color magenta. She wore a stunning Ralph Lauren Collection column gown and we immediately had to give her props for not sticking with the safe option of a simple black dress (something many new-to-the-scene celebs do in order to stay under the radar and avoid criticism).

Since then, she hasn’t had a misstep. She’s become known for a rather unexpected style: extremely ladylike looks. But somehow, Williams manages to keep them all youthful and not at all stuffy thanks to bright hues and fun details. In other words, the woman can wear a tea-length sheath with bows and not look like a granny straight out of the ’50s.

Four of her top looks: the cute blue pinstripe dress she paired with pointy-toe red flats at a culinary event in L.A.; the emerald-green peplum Oscar de la Renta gown selected for the Emmy Awards; a pale blue mini with a shorter hemline, seen at a BAFTA event; and our personal favorite, the hot pink Oscar de la Renta sheath she donned to a pre-Emmys party. Want, want, want, want.

And while we’re on the topic of Williams’s red carpet looks, can we please discuss her hair. It is always perfect. We’re talking like Duchess of Cambridge perfect. Oh yes, we just compared her to Kate. Tell us: Which of Williams’s four looks shown here is your favorite? And were you as smitten with her Met Gala gown as we were?

–Jennifer Cress


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