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We’d pay good money for a Magnus & Simon ‘Shadowhunters’ spinoff

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“Shadowhunters” is officially back in full swing, and Season 2 is providing even more butt-kicking, magic spells and downworld politics than before. Surprisingly, Monday’s (Jan. 9) episode has us seriously yearning for a quirky spinoff staring two of the unlikeliest partners: Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Simon (Alberto Rosende).

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Thanks to a unfortunate slip of the tongue on Simon’s part, everyone’s favorite newbie vamp found himself forced into a quest to find Camille (Kaitlyn Leeb) and bring her back to the Hotel Dumort to be held accountable for Maria’s den of rebellious vampires. Unfortunately, finding his centuries old sire isn’t exactly a cakewalk, which leads Simon to beg for help from Camille’s old (seriously old) flame Magnus.

While we loved “Shadowhunters” decision to turn Simon into a reluctant and snarky baby vampire, we’ve been waiting — and waiting and waiting and waiting — too see if he’ll ever embrace his new identity and start learning how to be a member of the undead. We’d begun to worry that by removing himself from Hotel Dumort to live with the werewolves, Simon would never start to explore his new abilities.

“A Door into the Dark” cured us of those worries, however, and gave Simon a small victory in the form of a fire-breathing serpent. Thanks to a life or death scenario, Simon now knows he’s capable of mind control, no matter how unreliable. And if all else fails, Magnus can hopefully back him up with some genuine magic.

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As weird as it sounds, this little adventure kind of has us wishing for a spinoff about Magnus and Simon fighting downworld crime together. So far, The Clave has not impressed us — they seem more corrupt and judgmental about downworld crime than committed to stopping it. The shadowhunters could also probably use some downworld allies in the upcoming fight against Valentine (Alan van Sprang) anyway.

Unfortunately, now that Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is back where he belongs, he might not be as accepting of downworlders as he was before, thanks to Valentine’s evil influence. Only time with tell if his father did any permanent damage to Jace’s downworlder prejudice.

“Shadowhunters” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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