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Who Knew? Megan Mullally Reveals She Dated Michael J. Fox

In another segment of Couples You Never Knew Existed

While seated on Andy Cohen‘s couch Thursday night, Will & Grace star Megan Mullally spilled the tea about her short-lived fling with Michael J. Fox. Thanks to question from a fan caller, the actress did some time traveling to recall the handful of dates the two enjoyed in the ’80s. 

“I remember being in the car and the car pulling up next and seeing him and people screaming and going crazy,” she remembered. “We went go-kart racing and I won and then, I think that was the end.”

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“I should have slowed down,” she quipped.  

Of course, the two weren’t single for long after that. The actress went on to marry talent agent Michael Katcher and then Nick Offerman in 2003. Fox has been married to his Family Ties co-star Tracy Pollan since 1988 and the couple have four children together. 

As for the secret to their 28-year marriage? Giving each other the benefit of the doubt. 

“A lot of times he’ll just say to me, ‘You know who I am, would I ever say anything to try to hurt your feelings? Just give me the benefit of the doubt,'” Pollan told People.

“You just have [to have] the perspective that you’re behind each other’s back—and it helps if you can make each other laugh.”

It seems Fox has a thing for funny ladies…

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