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Word to the wise: Don’t play ‘Pokemon Go’ at a Beyonce concert


There’s an understanding among “Pokemon Go” players — you’ve got to catch them all, regardless of the circumstances. Of course, those who haven’t become addicted to the mobile game may not understand your new obsession, so be careful where you whip out your phone to catch a Geodude.

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For instance, a Beyonce concert is a place you definitely want to think twice before playing, lest you enrage a member of the Beyhive. One particular concert goer found that out while seeing Queen Bey perform at the Stade de France, north of Paris, on July 21.

As Beyonce rocked the stage, the young woman was busy catching Pokemon on her phone, oblivious to the irate man behind her, recording her actions on his phone. “This bitch is playing Pokemon when Beyonce’s singing,” he screams. “Fucking Pokemon!”

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Of course, even the Pokemon-inspired rage couldn’t stop the fan recording the show on his phone from losing his mind when the singer actually walked by him. After all, he may be mad but he’s still loyal to Beyonce.

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