Yep, Dwayne Johnson Pretty Much Revealed the DC Superhero He’s Going to

dwayne johnsonDwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mysterious DC Comics collaboration just got a lot clearer thanks to a heavy-handed hint from the actor.

During a recent interview with Total Film, Johnson answered a query about the project, and tipped his hand about just who he would be playing in a soon-to-be-announced film. Johnson told Total Film that he and DC “have been talking for a couple of years now about trying to find the right character” that would be a good fit for the actor, who admitted that the process was “tricky” because “I am a certain way.”

“My wiring is my wiring, my DNA is my DNA, and when I step on set and on screen, I’m aware of what I’m able to bring to a character, and so is DC, too,” Johnson said. “So it’s not the easiest thing.”

While there were a number of roles he considered — including Green Lantern, though Johnson said that that idea was scuttled because the character had been tackled previously by Ryan Reynolds — the actor said that ultimately there was only one choice for him. While he wouldn’t mention the character’s name, the suggestive shrug he gave certainly indicates it was an obvious hint.

“This character has the power of Superman, he can throw down,” Johnson said, before pointedly adding the next bit.

“Just say the word,” he added, laughing. “That’s all I’m gonna say.”

Total Film has already parsed that that hint — “Just say the word” — is a direct reference to Shazam, previously known as Captain Marvel (whose name had to be changed after a dispute with rival Marvel Comics). DC lore maintains that Captain Marvel comics told the tale of a boy named Billy Batson who could transform himself into Captain Marvel by simply saying “Shazam!” The character had Herculean strength (a perfect fit for “Hercules” star Johnson) and the power of flight, just like fellow DC character Superman.

So it seems that Shazam is a lock for The Rock. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from DC — perhaps at Comic-Con this weekend? — to learn more. Stay tuned.

[via: Total Film, h/t Uproxx]

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