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You Can Audition to Play Jenni Rivera for a New Series About Her Life

Jenni Rivera

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Jenni Rivera‘s life is coming to a series on Telemundo and fans can now audition to play the star. 

The late singer’s mother Rosa Saavedra and sister Rosie Rivera sat with Christian Acosta and gave all the details about the future project during a Facebook live session. 

“This is the authorized series, the real one. It’s going to be amazing. I’ve been reading the scripts and they’re so good!” Rosie said. “We’re still in that process (of finalizing the series) and we’re like by the 10th episode. My brother Juan Rivera and I have reviewed the scripts, and I’ll call my mom and be like, ‘Mom, this happened?’ Now I’m seeing my sister’s childhood and I cry and laugh about it when I read the scripts because obviously, I wasn’t there for that, but my parents told all of these beautiful stories.”

Rosie and her sister Jenni were 12 years apart, which is why the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises is so happy about being able to now experience this part of her sister’s life, that she was once too young to enjoy.

Saavedra explains that, for them, the creation of this series has been bittersweet because they’ve been able to relive such beautiful moments, but it’s also made them miss her even more. The family ensures that they’re working hand in hand with the writer of the series and that they’ve even shown her all of Jenni’s homes like the garage that she lived in and the mansion that she had proudly owned in Encino, California. Rosie even admits that her parents are now finding out about moments that Jenni experienced with her and their brothers. Saavedra says that Jenni covered up a lot for her brothers, and now she sees all the crazy teenage moments that happened. 

Although the story is crucial, who will portray the singer is the question on everyone’s mind. Casting is quickly underway, and the family hopes that the actress that will play Jenni will be able to bring to life Jenni’s sense of being “100% Mexican and 100% American.” “Jenni was both, and she could be really ghetto sometimes, oh how I miss that,” Rosie said. “But honestly, we’re just looking for the best. It doesn’t have to be a super famous actress, that would be amazing if it is, but we’re just looking for the best person to play Jenni. So if you’re an actress, and you want to try, go for it. We’ll be starting the auditions soon.” 

And if the auditioning process sounds familiar to you, it’s because Jenni herself loved Jennifer Lopez‘s Selena. Her sister explained, “Jenni really thought that Selena the movie helped J.Lo’s career, Jenni would say, ‘That’s what I want to do one day with my life, I want to help someone that is just starting out and catapult her.'”

The family says that they will be casting for Jenni as a child, teenager, young woman, and Jenni as a star. 

Rosie thinks that the viewers will mostly be surprised by a love story that they’re going to bring to life in the series. “I think fans saw her failed marriages with her first, second and third husband, but there is a beautiful love story that she told in her book about Fernando, her soul mate. You’re going to see that gorgeous story, and he’s giving, even more, details about it,” Rosie said. “You also will find out about the last difficult months of Jenni’s life, and we’re going to tell these stories because we feel that they’re necessary. Chiquis (Jenni’s daughter) has put 100% of herself to say what happened and to clear things up.”

Details of Jenni’s fallout with her daughter (only months before her death) have remained unclear, but the family promises to explain what happened behind closed doors during that time. 

You can also catch all of Jenni’s five children on their new reality show The Riveras which will premiere Sunday, Oct. 16 at 10p.m./9c on NBC Universo. 

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