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Your Ultimate Style Guide to Winning The Bachelor

Step aside, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell—it’s Nick Viall‘s turn.

Ever wonder what it’s like to actually be on The Bachelor? It may not be something you’d admit out loud, but you know you’ve thought about it. You’ve dreamed up what your experience would be like, what kind of women you’d be friends with (if any at all…it’s a game show, after all?) and, most importantly, what your wardrobe would look like.

Every major milestone you’d have to look forward to is televised, a.k.a. every single outfit needs to be a home run. So with that said, here’s a guide to dressing the part!

Click here for a full walk-through of every look you’d ever need if you were on The Bachelor

The Bachelor comes back (for it’s 21st season) to a TV near you tonight on ABC. 

And for more style inspiration, click here.

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