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Zac Efron’s First Run-in With Seth Rogen Was Endearingly Awkward

seth rogen zac efronChris Pizzello/Invision /AP

For the record, Seth Rogen hated Zac Efron.

That is, until Efron spotted him at a party in West Hollywood, cornered him, and showered him with praise in what can best be described as a blindsiding, WTF moment for Rogen.

But it’s better to hear Efron tell the story himself.

During our sit-down with the “That Awkward Moment” star, he told the story about the first run-in he had with his future “Neighbors” costar:

Yeah, so, years ago, when I had just done “High School Musical,” I had always looked up to Seth and gotten his sense of humor. And I was at Sunset Tower — there was some party that I had been invited to — and he walked by and I just stopped him and shook his hand and said, “Hey, I just have to meet you, man. My name’s Zac. I’m an actor.” He said, “Yeah, I know who you are.” So I said, “I would forever regret this moment if I didn’t tell you what a huge fan I was and I love and respect your work.” And he goes, “Really?” And I said, “Yeah.” And he goes, “I kind of hate everything about you. I wasn’t really expecting you to be cool.” I said, “No, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart.” He said, “I’m confused. Thank you. Thanks a lot.” I said, “I’d love to work with you.” And he goes, “Yeah… uh, me too… sure, why not?”

And here we are, years later, on the verge of the release of the fruits of their non-mutual (at the time) admiration for each other.

“Neighbors” hits theaters May 9. You can catch Efron in “That Awkward Moment” this Friday.

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