‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’: Season 4 scoop on Katee Sackhoff, Savage

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars know this was a breakthrough season. Not only did the quality of the animation seemingly jump to lightspeed, but the stories went deeper into that Galaxy Far, Far Away than ever before with thought-provoking episodes tackling politics, financial corruption, and terrorism. Not your father’s Star Wars to be

Crystal Clear Picture:

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1 thought on “‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’: Season 4 scoop on Katee Sackhoff, Savage

  1. You know one thing I would like to see is George Lucas bring in the kaleesh, werewolf, Nelvaanian, Farghul, Daithim, Togorian, and Centaur species in season 4 or sometime in ctar wars the clone wars. I would also like to see Lucas bring the Dargon Lords from the comic book called star wars Day of the Dragon Lords. Another thing I would like to see in the show is a kaleesh jedi, werewolf jedi, Nelvaanian jedi, Fargul jedi, Togorain jedi and Centaur jedi. I would also like to see that force follower named Fay come in the show.

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