Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Antoine Dodson’s the new Billy Mays!

Everyone’s Favorite Ranting Fruitcake pops in like “The Grinch Who Got Evicted on Christmas” to burst some Bed Intrudin’ bubbles in an infomercial endorsing a spankin’-new sex offender tracker, aptly- dubbed “The Sex Offender Tracker.”

Created by Been Verified, the Sex Offender Tracker app — compatitable for both the iPhone and Droid — turns your smartphone into a living, breathing live sex offender radar by combining public databases of registered sex offenders in your area. It’s a fitting project for the Ebonics-lovin’ Dodson, who rose to prominence in July, after his sassy rant at an unknown phantom that nearly raped his sister hit the evening news and quickly went viral. The tracker provides users with the exact location of sex offenders living and working near you as well as detailed information on the perb.

“I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me over the last several months, but the opportunity to partner with BeenVerified.com and RAINN is something that makes me so excited,” says proud spokesman Dodson. “If you’ve seen my video, you know that keeping people safe from the threat of predators is an issue that’s close to my heart.”

Five percent of all sales of the $1.99 app will benefit The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN…1-800-656-HOPE), which works to promote issues related to the prevention of sexual assault.

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