It was such a shock to the friends and fans when Ronan Keating and Yvonne announced that they will be parting ways. Ronan and Yvonne’s marriage lasted for 12 years. And recently, there were already reports that Ronan Keating already packed his bags and moved out of their family home.

People are already imagining how Ronan Keating left their Malahide residence. At their love nest during the whole course of their relationship, Ronan Keating shared the house with Yvonne and their 3 children. While Ronan is still trying to evade reports who want to get the juicy details of his action, the singer is also flourished by questions regarding his relationship with a backup dancer. Rumor has it that Ronan being too close with that backing dancer is the reason why he and Yvonne split.

There were sources telling reporters that the 33-year old Boyzone member became very intimate with one of their blonde dancers. This happened while the group was on tour.

According to the Daily Mail, their source said that the relationship between Keating and the dancer was the talk of everyone during the Boyzone tour.  People could actually see how close these two can be while the band was away from home.

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