‘Castle’ Season 6: What’s in the first photos from


The “Castle” Season 6 premiere is shrouded in mystery. What is Beckett’s answer to Castle’s marriage proposal? Will she take the national security job? Is the team about to break up?

Photos released for the first episode back, “Valkyrie,” do not answer any of these questions. But they are still very important to the events that begin Season 6. An explanation for the three photos — even a vague one — gives some clues to the plot when “Castle” returns.

For a video showing at least part of Beckett’s answer, click here. 

Warning: There are “Castle” spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

In the first photo, a nondescript car crashes into a bus shelter. It’s not the most exciting crash — only a few sparks and broken glass even show something is happening. I can tell you, however, that this crash sets up a storyline that will be part of at least the first two “Castle” episodes in the upcoming season.

That’s because there is one major character in that car. And he or she is not alone.

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castle-601-valkyrie-premiere-abc-2.jpgMoving on to the second photo, we see the aftermath of that same car crash. There are two things to note in this picture. One is the license plate of the car: It has Virginia plates. Take that as you will. The second important point is the investigator walking through the scene. He is indeed one of the people looking into what happened. But this man is not a member of the New York Police Department.

castle-601-valkyrie-premiere-abc-3.jpgThe third photo from “Valkyrie” gives less information but does fit into the story just as well. It is a still from a security camera that will be crucial in the investigation of the first “Castle” case.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have from these photos. Maybe “Castle” will release more before the show premieres on Monday, Sept. 23. Maybe not. Either way, the mystery awaits its solution.

Photo/Video credit: ABC

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