This Just In: There’s more than one Justin Bieber in the world.

Like this one….Meet Justin Bieber of Jacksonville, Florida, a 35-year-old self-professed “arcade geek” whose famous name is making for some very noisy nights.

For nearly a year, Mr. Bieber has been contending with a constantly ringing telephone, mountains of fanmail, and voicemails from recording artists all because people mistakenly believe that he’s actually the pop icon who shares his name.

He claims that he cant even sleep at night because the phone rings constantly with Bieber fans saying everything from “I love you,” to “You’re the worst singer in the world!” He even had his phone number changed and put into his wife’s name to avoid the pesky teens who stalk him — to no avail.

However, if Justin had to pick the biggest inconvenience of being mistaken for the other Justin Bieber it would be the havoc the misunderstanding has had on his online life! Just last week, Big Biebs logged on to the Internet to find that his Facebook page — obtained with his real name — had been abruptly deleted because Mark Zuckerberg & The Gang think he’s an impostor.

No notice. No warning. Just gone. How rude!

Though the case of same name has turned Bieber’s life into a circus, there is one upside: “The only good thing that came out of this is that people can now pronounce my name correctly.”

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