At this time when Rebecca Romijn’s twins are just 16 months, they have been able to make place in the hearts of many due to there pleasant personalities. The two Dolly and Charlie are completely different the former can be termed as a wild child whereas the later is a quite child. They are completely active and if given a chance they start to run in opposite directions.

As per Rebecca Romijn, it is difficult to handle both of them at the same time, especially when you are alone with both of them. The actress has been trying to teach them to be together but has not been able to achieve great success.

Further adding the actress also mentioned that she has been getting great support from her husband Jerry O’Connell. As per her, he is more active and has been able to take part in all the activities with special interests when it comes to changing dippers.

As per Romijn, she enjoys dressing the little ones. She is not keep on matching them completely but she likes to maintain coordination between the two. As per her she has a little time to do what she wants too as they will grow up soon and will start to make have their own choice.

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