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’21 and Over’ Clip: “I Have a Bit of a Wild Side” (VIDEO)

21 And Over

A straight laced college student cuts loose on the night before a crucial medical school interview after his two best friends… Read More


In the great tradition of shirking one’s responsibilities in the name of the best-night-of-your-life comes a new comedy which celebrates just that: “21 and Over.”

From Jon Lucas (“The Change Up”) the madcap comedy follows a straight arrow college student who, the night before a big med school interview, decides to let loose in the name of his 21st birthday.

In the newly released clip, which you can watch above, the seeds of irresponsibility have begun to sow, as our dutiful protagonist admits to having a bit of a wild side: Swimming after meals, not wearing his mouth guard. Look out, world!

Starring Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon, Sarah Wright, Sarah Mason, “21 and Over” hits theaters March 1.

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