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28 TV Moments That Made Us Laugh Really Hard in 2016

2016 has been a year fraught with death, sadness, and insanity, even if we’re just talking about what we saw on TV. Through it all, the laughter has never died. As proof, here are a whole bunch of TV moments that made us laugh this year.

This is not a list of the funniest things that happened on TV in 2016, since that would be really difficult and polarizing to compile. This is just a list of things that made us laugh really hard in 2016, and hopefully it will bring you as much joy as it brings us, especially as we sit here mourning the loss of the one and only Princess Leia. 

3. Crazy Ex Girlfriend—The Math of Love Triangles

1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 3, Go! 

4. Paris’ door kick from Gilmore Girls

Though it may have been inspired by the odd inclusion of a fake Chad Michael Murray as old Chilton crush Tristan, this moment may be Liza Weil’s finest moment of all time.

5. Wells for Boys

“Don’t just give him a Barbie. I mean, it is like that, but that’s just part of it.” 

6. The entire “Patches” episode of Difficult People

“Pritty Bahloons for sale!” 

7. Will Forte in the raptor suit on Last Man on Earth

“Gooood morning, Vietnam!” 

8. The talking sewer on Broad City

Ilana has a little competition for her smart and sexy best friend…

9. The B.A.N. episode of Atlanta 

But really, every episode of Atlanta

[embedded content]

10. Mimi Kanasis (Amy Sedaris) sorta performing “Chandelier” on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

“iTunes suspended my account, so I’m gonna have to wing it!”

11. Louie Anderson’s Costco pitch on Baskets 

There’s a reason this man won an Emmy for playing this woman. 

[embedded content]

12. The entire concept of The Young Pope

He’s not a regular pope, he’s a cool pope. (If this isn’t supposed to be a comedy, we’re sorry, but also how?) 

[embedded content]

13. Asher dancing to “Cotton Eye Joe” on How to Get Away with Murder

Matt McGorry is a gift. 

14. Everything about Camp Cutthroat

Alton Brown’s seriously evil camp-themed competition is possibly our favorite thing about summer time, especially when it involves contestants having to instruct a bear how to cook for them. 

[embedded content]

15. Adele’s Carpool Karaoke

Who knew Adele could rap?! 

16. And Adele eating wheatgrass at Jamba Juice 

Shoutout to Simone. 

[embedded content]

17. Kate McKinnon in general 

Just all the time. 

[embedded content]

18. American Horror Story, season 6, episode 6

That entire reveal of the the actors’ real lives was gold, but specifically the wedding of Audrey (Sarah Paulson) and Rory (Evan Peters). “I promise to love the s–t out of you.” 

[embedded content]

19. Crosswalk the Musical: The Lion King

“You ruined the whole thing, Rogen!” 

[embedded content]

20. Jonah Ryan for Congress on Veep

We wouldn’t vote for him, but we sure do love to laugh at him. 

Head to the comments to share the things you laughed at in 2016, and let’s hope next year is much funnier and much less sad! 

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