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A Help Reunion, Sex and the City Flashback and Friendly Exes: 2017 Golden Globe Awards Dream Ta…

Everyone wants to be seated at the cool kids table—and when you’re at the Golden Globe Awards, every table is cool. 

While we know who’s a proud member of the nominee pool for this year’s upcoming ceremony and who will be doling out golden statues at the podium, there are still a few elements of the Golden Globes that will remain a mystery until the big night—the winners, the fashion and the seating chart. 

It’s only until the camera pans to the audience during the live broadcast Sunday evening that fans will get to see which lucky stars got to wine and dine together over the course of the highly anticipated ceremony. 

While attendees are typically seated with their co-stars, in a dream world, there are a few pairings we hope assemble in the name of television magic. 

A Blue Valentine Redux

While Ryan Gosling has reunited once again with fellow Golden Globe nominee Emma Stone for their musical rendezvous, La La Land, there’s another leading lady included in his silver screen history also up for an award on Sunday: Michelle Williams. The Manchester By The Sea nominee and Gosling were both honored with acting nods in 2010 for their emotional turn in Blue Valentine. For nostalgia’s sake, it’s only right that these two get seated at the same table once again. 

The Ladies of The Help

Similarly, this year marks the Golden Globe return of the Help ladies—Jessica Chastain, Stone, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis. Four years later, they’re all in the running to win a statue for their highly acclaimed respective projects. Now, imagine that table packed with star power. Let’s just hope Minny’s famous chocolate pie is not on the menu.  

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

Pascal Le Segretain/WireImage

Matchmaker: Golden Globes Edition

While there’s plenty of romance sprinkled throughout this season of award-worthy films, there is also a history of flirtation behind the scenes for two of the ceremony’s high-profile attendees. Fellow nominees Stone and Andrew Garfield dated for four years before splitting in 2015. While they may not officially be back together, they have been toying with fans’ emotions while doing recent press. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter which actress he would bring with him on a desert island, Garfield responded, “Emma Stone. I love Emma.” Can this awards season bring these former lovebirds back together? Seats next to each other wouldn’t hurt. 

Justin Timberlake and the Stranger Things Kids 

The Grammy winner landed his second Best Original Song nod for the summer’s smash hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Trolls. Imagine if the triple threat could jam out with television’s coolest child stars, the Stranger Things kids—Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin. After all, they already proved their musical chops with a cool rendition of “Uptown Funk” during the pre-show at the Emmy Awards. Throw This Is Us nominee Mandy Moore and Nicole Kidman‘s expected date, husband Keith Urban, into the mix and they might just have to pause the show for a full-on singalong. After all, there’s nothing like an award show commercial break to rehearse the next big hit.  

Sex and the City Flashback

The last time Sarah Jessica Parker was nominated for a Golden Globe for television work, she was starring as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City. Life has come full circle for the actress, who is once again being recognized for her work on HBO with a nomination for Best Actress in Divorce. Coincidentally, her former SATC co-star and Snowden actor Timothy Olyphant is slated to present that evening. The only thing better than this dream table pairing would be if Parker also wore tulle. 

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