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A murder mystery begins taking shape on ‘The Path’

With suspicions over Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) involvement in Dr. Meyer’s (Keir Dullea) death growing, “The Path” ventures into murder mystery territory in Wednesday’s (Feb. 22) episode.

Eddie’s exit from the Movement can be seen as the catalyst for all the craziness that has followed — but it was Cal’s (Hugh Dancy) own decision to write the remaining rungs on The Ladder that really got the ball rolling. With Eddie acclimating to normal life outside of the cult — he and his wife seem extricated from their eldest son Hawk (Kyle Allen) — Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) is finding new solace in having secret rendezvous with her Meyer-denier husband.

the path 206 michelle monaghan sarah hulu A murder mystery begins taking shape on The Path

The meetups offer a key emotional connection for the splintered couple — especially now that Hawk has in the city under Cal’s watchful eye — and it’s clear that without such distractions, Sarah’s grip would be getting a lot looser.

Cal, in all his obsessive ways, hasn’t lost sight of Sarah’s transgressions, affecting her responsibilities as co-guardian of the light: As his interest becomes full-on stalking, it’s an unlucky stakeout that gives him a front-row seat to Sarah and Eddie embracing on the street outside… And only acts to further fuel his obsessions.

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He may be spiritual poison to Eddie, but Cal presents himself as a welcome father figure to Hawk — who proceeds to ascend another rung, to “R2” status — exactly the kind of validation he needs to take the next step and move to the city on his own.

But beyond Eddie’s new life and Sarah’s growing loneliness, let’s talk about the Movement’s new security protocols: Further closing the compound off to the rest of the city, the group seems to be taking on the mindset of isolation over inclusion — a concept that couldn’t have been further from the original teachings of Dr. Meyer but proceed directly from the choices of our leads, and their response to the consequences. “The Path” has always been a story about the way mere humanity can’t help but muck up its purest intent — and the self-fulfilling prophecy of being portrayed as a dangerous cult, only to double down in paranoid response, is a huge part of that.

the path 206 kodiak james remar A murder mystery begins taking shape on The Path

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Which brings us back to the good doctor’s death: Richard (Clark Middleton) and Kodiak (James Remar) may have been focusing their investigation on the wrong man. Sure Cal has a fair share of guilt on his shoulders — but could Eddie’s lightning-strike scar be a sign that he’s the actual killer? Did Eddie push Dr. Meyer off that cliff in Peru? Is that even possible?

Get ready, Eddie — some serious implications are coming your way, whether you expect them or not.

“The Path” streams new episodes every Wednesday on Hulu.

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