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A ranking of ‘Supernatural’s’ 8 best villains

“Supernatural” is in its 12th season, which in and of itself should be viewed as a huge accomplishment. After all, the original plan Eric Kripke had for the series was to end the story after Season 5. Obviously, the fandom the show sparked caught on like wildfire and the ongoing tale of Sam and Dean Winchester has persevered.

With the number of episodes under its belt, the boys have encountered their fair share of quirky cases, odd monsters and the like. But when “Supernatural” comes up in any conversation, the topic of the show’s large variety of villains — which is a relative term when discussing the show, really — ends up being discussed. And they should be because there sure have been a lot of them.

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So far, though, Season 12 hasn’t given us a villain worth fearing. In his updated iterations, Lucifer came off as more of a punchline than a threat. And Mr. Ketch ended up coming to the boys’ aid in the mid-season finale. While we wait to see what the next half of the season has in store, it felt like the perfect time to take a look back at eight of the show’s best baddies — just because they’re villains doesn’t mean we can’t love them!

Meg Masters

giphy 31 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Meg set the standard for a “Supernatural” villain. Many times it’s been shown that would-be foes can start off opposing the Winchesters at all cost, and grow over time. And the same can be said for Meg, who first appeared on the show in the Season 1 episode, “Scarecrow” — played by Nicki Aycox at the time. Yet, once her original meat suit died, Meg returned with a new face — hello, Rachel Miner — and a crush on none other that Castiel. After doing her best to help the boys in Season 8, Meg was snuffed out by Crowley in the episode, “Goodbye Stranger.”


cain dean supernatural A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Cain’s story is an intriguing one. This retired Knight of Hell found himself a quieter existence in the woods, where he could avoid his former life of violence and death. But — once the father of murder, always the father of murder. Still, Dean got what he wished for when he asked for the Mark of Cain to be transferred to him. The goal was to kill Abaddon but he couldn’t wield the First Blade without that pesky mark. And we all know the can of worms that thing opened up.


giphy 6 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Metatron was a tricky one, for sure. Entering the story in Season 8, it seemed the Scribe of God was on the Winchesters’ side. All they needed was assistance with the Tablets. What they got instead was a greedy angel, who wanted his own Godlike power. It was Metatron who caused Castiel to lose his grace. After tossing angels from heaven and causing chaos for the Winchesters, Metatron got locked away. Thankfully in Season 11, he redeemed himself. Regaining faith in God, he was able to buy the boys some time and sacrificed himself to the Darkness.


giphy 71 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Season 12 has presented multiple versions of Lucifer — but none of them stand up against Mark Pellegrino’s take on the devil. He’s equal parts charming, hilarious, sinister and frightening. While his original storyline ended in Season 5, Sam and Dean went into the beast’s cage in Season 11 looking for help to defeat the Darkness. In the process, they let Lucifer loose on earth where he is still wreaking havoc to this day.

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giphy 81 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

It’s everyone’s favorite King of Hell! Crowley was once a measly crossroads demon, who stepped up to the plate when opportunity presented itself. Yet, like most bad guys on “Supernatural,” his character is one of many complexities. Yes, he’s evil and will squash any human for his own amusement at the drop of a hat. He’s done so, many times. But we’ve also seen his own humanity which has lent him some positive qualities. Still — if it weren’t for Crowley, Dean would have never become a demon. And for that alone, we cannot forgive.


giphy 111 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Ruby was first played by Katie Cassidy when the demon entered the story in Season 3. She started off as an ally to Sam and Dean but when she returned in a new meat suit in Season 4 — with Genevieve Cortese taking over the role — Ruby went a whole lot darker. Not only did she get Sam into drinking demon blood, she coerced Moose into killing Lilith which broke the final seal, making Lucifer’s rise an inevitable reality. To pay for what she’s done, Dean kills her with her own knife… While Sam restrains her.


giphy 9 A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

Remember Cain, above? The First Blade, his signature weapon, was the only thing that could take this lady down. A fellow Knight of Hell, her goal was to move up the ranks and be crowned its queen. To get there, she waged war with anyone and everyone. In the end, Dean successfully dispatched Abaddon with the help of the Mark of Cain and the First Blade.


azazel supernatural A ranking of Supernaturals 8 best villains

This guy right here gave us nightmares. Azazel is the notorious yellow-eyed-demon that started it all. He was the one who killed the boys’ parents. He made baby Sam drink demon blood, led a horde of demons with the goal of global destruction, and remained pretty much the creepy thorn in their sides throughout the first half of the series. If any villain that should be blamed for who and what Sam and Dean have become, it’d be Azazel. He’s the baddest of the bad — and should be revered as such.

“Supernatural” Season 12 returns Thursday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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