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‘American Idol’ eliminated contestant: ‘I’m trying to contact Ryan Murphy’

Does it hurt more when Randy Jackson tells you you’re not being saved? Or when Ryan Seacrest tells you it’s time to go home?


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Eliminated American Idol contestant Lazaro Arbos probably didn’t even notice. He was still basking in his hug from Kelly Clarkson. But as he noted after he received the tough news: “I won for the boys! I’m the next American Boy Idol!”

“I think I came back with my last song. But that wasn’t enough,” said Arbos, who admitted that as soon as they broke the group up into pairs, he knew he was out. “I wish I could have gone home on a better note. Some notes were rough.”

The stage-shy Nicki Minaj even made a trip up those stairs to talk to Arbos. They may not have had the easiest time on camera, but Arbos said: “Regardless of what she says on camera, I love her and she knows that.” When asked what Minaj whispered into his ear during their private moment he joked that she’d invited him out to the club. But he didn’t leave us hanging in Lost In Translation-style suspense. “She said that I’ll be fine regardless, because I’ve got a lot of people who love me, and she’s not worried about me.”

Unsurprisingly, his friend Amber Holcomb was the most distraught to see him go. Arbos said he made sure to tell her not to be sad, and said that he’ll be rooting for her in the final weeks. “But I’m technically not allowed to say who I want to win,” he said.

Arbos didn’t even seem upset in the slightest. “My main goal wasn’t to win a TV show. My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people who love me. And I’m one step closer to that. As long as I get signed and I go on tour and people buy my records I’ll be fine,” he said. And ultimately, he’s thankful to American Idol, the judges, and even Jimmy for giving him thicker skin. “This show molded me so much. I’m so tough,” he said.

And what’s next for the Cuban singer? He wants to go on tour to meet his fans and to travel to the “other side of the world” starting with the Philippines. ”I want an album where the words mean a lot and come from the heart, but I want a pop vibe.” He also said with a laugh that he’s trying to contact Ryan Murphy because he’d love to be on Glee. Considering Jessica Sanchez’s luck, it might not be out of the question. But ultimately, he just wants to go home and sleep, and to get another pair of sneakers to wear. The next American Boy Idol cannot be seen with scuffed shoes, after all!

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