Anne Hathaway: I Feel Like the Luckiest Girl in the World

Anne Hathaway Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

In the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Anne Hathaway worries she’s revealed too much of her “inner nerd.” Talking about big books over a pedicure and vegan meal, she shares her love of the dark matter discussed in The Edge of Physics. But it’s not just science that keeps the Oscar nominee stimulated; it’s her wide variety of movie roles, boyfriend Adam Shulman (“So far, it’s worked out great,” she says of their romance) and of course, fashion. “[I] feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I get to wear all theses glamorous clothes,” she says. Explaining that off the red carpet, she wears items from her own closet, like favorites from Isabel Marant and Vivienne Westwood, she says she’s come into her own, style-wise. “I’ve become a lot more specific about what I love and why I’m doing it.” But the star, who made seven wardrobe changes while hosting the Oscars — “I got to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … [I] wore beautiful clothes,” she shares — doesn’t mind going, well, without clothes once in a while, too. Of her scantily clad scenes in Love and Other Drugs, she says, “I don’t get hung up on nudity. To me, it was just an extension of who she was. It was real.” For more with Hathaway, go to and pick up the August issue, on newsstands July 12.

Anne Hathaway Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar


Edited by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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