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‘BB 18’: Paulie needs to be stopped, but it may be too late


The current “Big Brother 18” Head of Household has gone a long way in illuminating who is really running the house — and it may be too late to save this game. Read on to find out what’s going on, but be warned of spoilers.

President Paulie

Paulie has been 100 percent controlling Paul’s HOH this week, but things took a bit of an ugly turn Tuesday (Aug. 2) when he decided he needed to drop Zakiyah down a few pegs, around 8:50 p.m. PT on cameras 3 and 4.

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It all started because of some stupid conversation Zak had with Michelle in the Have-Not room. Paulie wanted to know what they talked about and Zakiyah told him one thing and then James told him another thing and Zakiyah didn’t even realize James was in the room. But Paulie decides these are “lies” on Zakiyah’s part and he spends the better part of 40 minutes berating her about it.

“Highlights” of Paulie’s most nonsensical ranting include:

  • “I gave you two chances to say information that I knew were facts … I just put you on the spot for two pieces of information that you didn’t give me, which makes me feel like where is the information that I’m giving you actually going?”
  • “If my information’s going to you and it’s going somewhere else and I’m asking for information from you and you fail to say what it was? I’m not saying it’s gotten back to me that anything has … if you want to be a certain way.”
  • “You lied about all three things.”
  • “If you want to make this some dramatic thing … I’m not calling you a general liar, I’m not calling you a general malicious person, but those three things right there kind of makes you seem phony.”

Gotta give Paulie credit, he certainly knows how to belittle Zakiyah while making it seem like he’s the level-headed one and she’s being “emotional.”

Paulie then spends the next hour telling all the guys about making Zakiyah cry and how she’s “shitting her pants” now.

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The Da’Vonne side

What does all this mean? Well, Da’Vonne, Michelle and Zakiyah are starting to get wise to the iron grip Paulie has on the house, courtesy of his minions (Nicole, Corey, Paul and Victor).

Unfortunately, there isn’t much hope for the Da’Vonne side of the house at this point, because even if they got James and Natalie to flip, that’d still be a 4-4 tie and Paul has decided he’ll do whatever Paulie wants, which means voting out Day.

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In fact, the only chance the girls in the house have at this point is if one of them (not Nicole, though) wins HOH next week and they manage to get Paulie out. But he’s playing a very smart game, so it seems more likely he would convince them to target someone else and all of a sudden in six weeks, Paulie will be the winner of “Big Brother 18.”

In the interest of keeping things exciting, let’s hope Da’Vonne has the round-trip ticket envelope this Thursday.

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