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'Before I Fall' Trailer Is Like a Young Adult 'Groundhog

This week we’ve already seen further evidence that E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is such a good movie that decades later it still wholly owns the “kids hiding something supernatural from their parents” subgenre. But it’s not the only classic sci-fi movie that is still the gold standard for its genre. Groundhog Day will forever own the “stuck in a repeating time loop” genre, no matter how many different ways it’s presented.

Case in point, the trailer for Before I Fall, which is about to premiere at Sundance. This is basically the young adult melodrama version of Groundhog Day, with Zoey Deutch stuck in the Bill Murray role. Based on the trailer we have no clue why she’s stuck in this loop or what she’ll do to get out of it. But if we had to guess, she needs to change her behavior at the party for cool kids or she’s going to be destined to die in a car crash over and over and over.

Give it a shot.

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Before I Fall will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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