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When the photo of a steroid-addled, vein-popping villain for “Alex Cross” was released, people had one thought: Who is that?

Shock and confusion only continued to grow when it was confirmed that the disturbing picture was of Matthew Fox. (Yes, from “Lost.”) Preparing to play the psychopath killer took five months, in which he lost a shocking 40 pounds.

Fox is hardly the first actor to undergo such a transformation, however. We’ve rounded up all the craziest movie metamorphoses — from Heath Ledger’s Joker to Charlize Theron in “Monster.” Take a look at them all below.


  • Nicole Kidman

  • Nicole Kidman ‘The Hours’

    In 2002’s “The Hours,” Nicole Kidman plays the writer Virginia Woolf as she spirals into a deeper and deeper depression. Kidman looked nothing like the willowy beauty we’ve come to know but her performance won her the Oscar for Best Actress.

  • Charlize Theron

  • Charlize Theron, ‘Monster’

    Talk about an apropos title! Charlize Theron barely resembled herself in 2003’s “Monster.” Here, the transformed blonde beauty plays serial killer Aileen Wuornos, an ex-prostitute who was executed in 2002 for the murder of six men. Theron’s performance garnered 17 awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress.

  • Rooney Mara

  • Rooney Mara, ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

    When Rooney Mara signed on for the American adaptation of last year’s “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” director David Fincher <a href=””>had a clear vision</a> of her impending transformation: “I told Rooney, ‘You’re ­going to be emaciated, you have to be naked, you have to get raped [on screen], get pierced, smoke cigarettes, ride a motorcycle.”

  • Ralph Fiennes

  • Ralph Finnes, ‘Harry Potter’

    Ralph Fiennes gave up his nose and became the face for He Who Must Not Be Named in the big-screen adaptation of ‘Harry Potter.’ The actor played one of the most villainous characters for the last four of the famous flicks.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Leonardo DiCaprio ‘J. Edgar’

    Transforming into the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was not easy for the fair-faced Leonardo DiCaprio. In the film, which spanned most of Hoover’s life, DiCaprio was required to don fake teeth, a bald cap, a device to reshape one nostril, latex body pads, colored contacts and layers of facial silicone.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‘Looper’

    Playing the younger version of Bruce Willis takes more than stellar acting. This is something Joseph Gordon knows all too well. The actor <a href=””>told Moviefone</a> “It was three hours of makeup every morning. At one point it was suggested that we try something digital and neither Rian and I were interested. I don’t think that stuff looks real yet. Maybe one day.”

  • Heath Ledger

  • Heath Ledger, ‘The Dark Knight’

    Heath Ledger’s final — and arguably best performance — brought about a complete physical transformation as The Joker. Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” went on to be one of the most celebrated superhero adaptations, with Ledger posthumously being awarded the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

  • Elizabeth Banks

  • Elizabeth Banks, ‘The Hunger Games’

    Realizing Suzanne Collin’s vision was no simple task. Especially not for Elizabeth Banks who plays Effie Trinket, a Capitol escort for District 12. The star said that she was in hair and make-up for nearly two hours everyday. Grueling as that may have been, Banks said <a href=”,,20575002,00.html”>that was nothing</a> compared to her costume. “All of my shoes were completely amazing but highly uncomfortable.”

  • Daniel Day-Lewis

  • Daniel Day-Lewis,’Lincoln’

    Daniel Day-Lewis’s likeness to Honest Abe is uncanny in upcoming presidential biopic, ‘Lincoln.’ Steven Speilberg’s film chronicles the final four months of the President’s life. While still a few weeks away from its release, “Lincoln” is already garnering Oscar buzz, at least for Best Makeup.

  • Johnny Depp

  • Johnny Depp, ‘Edward Scissorhands’

    Johnny Depp has made a career out of transforming into movie characters but none more iconic than “Edward Scissorhands.” Directed by Tim Burton, Depp stars as a gentle young man who happens to have sheers for hands (and a penchant for haircuts and gardening). His pasty white visage and wild ‘do may have seemed odd at one time, but now it’s muscled its way into costume hall of fame.