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Beware the Kinnah: ‘Outsiders’ vicious new clan is out for blood

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When Season 2 of “Outsiders” kicked off, viewers were introduced to an entirely new clan. The Farrells aren’t alone on Shay Mountain — and while there could be an endless number of tribes out there, it’s this new group everyone needs to be suspicious of.

The Kinnah are an all-female group that somehow easily integrated themselves into the Farrells, without anybody except Big Foster (David Morse) asking questions. Now, after the Feb. 14 episode “How Do We Hunt,” it’s time to start with the interrogation.

In the final moments of the hour, two of the Kinnah approached security guards stationed at the fence that cuts off Shay Mountain from the rest of society. They stripped and seduced the guards, only to assist in having them brutally murdered mid-coitus. It’s a real sex-and-death thing they’ve got going on.

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So what exactly is happening? While the details behind their actions are unclear, it all adds up to no good. Between their arrival, becoming vocal opponents of Big Foster, and now the mysterious burning of the smokehouse where the clan’s food is kept — which resulted in the death of a Farrell — the alliance between these new groups is a dangerous one.

The question is who it’s dangerous for. The person behind the burning of the smokehouse was shrouded in black, but what can be seen certainly doesn’t look like Big Foster. While it could be one of his cronies, the Kinnah look very suspicious at this point. What could their game be?

Whatever it is, it’s trouble for the Farrells — a clan that’s already dealing with enough of its own turmoil. With Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) in jail, Hasil (Kyle Gallner) leaving the mountain to be with Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) and their unborn child, and half of the Farrells ready to revolt against G’win (Gillian Alexy) for letting Big stay with them, it’s definitely a troubling time on Shay Mountain.

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A new group bringing the Farrells down from the inside might just work. They’ve always faced threats from the town — but a clan that seemingly shares their own values? That’s a threat they might not be able to topple.

It remains to be seen exactly what plans the Kinnah have for the rest of Season 2, but with their willingness to murder and the secrets they keep, it’s really hard to trust them. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them, though! And besides: It’s not as if the Farrells are all that morally upstanding…

“Outsiders” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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