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‘Big Brother 15’: POV competition results, plus an Amanda outburst

jessie-aaryn-judd-big-brother-15.jpgThe Week 6 Power of Veto competition is done in the “Big Brother 15” house, so keep reading to find out who won and if it will be used. Or just sign up for the live feeds to watch Amanda have another bat-crap crazy week.

The POV competition featured GinaMarie (HOH), Jessie and Candice (HOH noms), Amanda (America’s nom) and then Judd and Spencer. It was a punishment/reward POV, with Judd winning $ 5000 and Spencer winning a trip, while it sounds like Candice will have to wear some kind of clown suit (terrifying).

But the big news is that Jessie won the POV, so she will obviously be taking herself off. There’s no word yet as to GinaMarie’s replacement, but we would bet money it’ll be Spencer. In that case, it looks like Candice will probably be walking out the door.

It really all depends on who is the replacement nominee. There are only seven votes this week, so an Amanda ouster could be orchestrated, if people see how much of a threat she is.

If Spencer manages to stay off the block, he could maybe sway some people to vote out Amanda, especially since it sounds like she had another meltdown in the house. We didn’t get to see it because it was during the POV competition, but from the way McCrae is acting towards her, he’s not pleased with her outburst.

Amanda says it was because she got put on the spot, whatever that means. But in ensuing conversations in the house, it sounds like Amanda got all ugly up in here and called Candice “Shaniqua” and told her that she had Howard’s “d*** in her mouth,” meaning Candice did, but that Howard really wanted it to be in Amanda (because it seems as though Amanda draws all her self-worth off of attention from men).

Either way, the POV comp should be full of fireworks on Wednesday’s broadcast.

What do you think, hamster fans? Can anybody orchestrate Amanda’s ouster from the house?

Photo/Video credit: CBS

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