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‘Big Hero 6’ Concept Art: See What Baymax Almost Looked Like

If you watched Big Hero 6 over the weekend, then you’re already obsessed with the robot Baymax — Disney’s newest gosh-darn-lovable character who just totally steals every scene he’s in. The health care robot turned action hero joins other heroic characters like Rocket Raccoon and Groot as some of the year’s most unexpected surprises. How many times have you already re-created his unique fist bump, as seen in the video below, performed by the real-life versions of Baymax (Scott Adsit) and Hiro (Ryan Potter)? Yeah, we thought so. 

As is the case with almost all movies, the look of a character evolves greatly from start to finish. Conceptual artist Ryan Lang has posted some of his work on Big Hero 6, including this particular image that reveals an earlier, more Iron Man-like version of Baymax. 

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From this vantage point, it almost looks like Hiro is riding Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor, right?

Here’s art from a scene that’s not even in the movie. It shows Hiro putting Baymax into a robot fight, except Baymax doesn’t look too interested in fighting.

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This is some art showing the entire team fighting alongside each other.

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Finally, a portrait of young Hiro and his cat. Here’s what Lang had to say about this one…

“A ‘family album’ for Big Hero 6 is online out there, and this is one of the ‘photos’ on it, along with instructions on how to put rocket boots on your cat. Pretty funny. This is one of the paintings I did for background photos. We didn’t have models for either of these characters at the time, so I had to draw and paint them from scratch, which is why they might look off model. I’m pretty happy at with the aged photo effect I was able to get.”


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