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Bob Morley teases ‘The 100’s’ apocalypse secret: A ‘throwback to Season 1’

While Abby (Paige Turco), Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) are staying put in Polis, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) are headed back to Arkadia to try to solve “The 100’s” newest problem: A radiation apocalypse.

The one thing throwing a wrench into this plan to avoid certain doom is that Bellamy and Clarke have also decided to keep the circle of people who knows about this impending danger very small. Everyone else is completely in the dark, which is surely going to turn out poorly for their little leadership group.

We spoke to Bob Morley about how the kids will handle this race to find shelter from the oncoming radiation, as well as whether or not we’ll see a changed Bellamy this year after all he’s done and experienced.

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Why are Bellamy and Clarke keeping this radiation problem a secret, and how will that secret play out?

The idea to keep it a secret in a way is a throwback to Season 1 and trying to protect the public from this huge problem that we have without a solution. We want to develop some sort of solution, or some morsel of hope, that we can at least offer them as a counter to this huge problem. That starts to weigh heavily on everyone, and starts to put the pressure on everyone who knows about it — Abby, Kane, Octavia, Clarke, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and everyone else. It puts a ton of pressure on them to come up with a solution as fast as they can.

You’ll start to see cracks appear in the leadership group, because people have different ideas on that. Secrets are never really kept for that long on this show … it’s slowly going to bubble over at some point.

 Can we expect Bellamy to prioritize Skaikru lives over Grounder lives in this newest apocalypse?

This season is an interesting journey for Bellamy in that sense, because you’ll find throughout the previous seasons he’s always just focused on saving the 100, and Skaikru. I think Octavia is a huge catalyst to get him to try to open his eyes to a broader world. Especially in Episode 2, there’s a decision that’s made that shows he’s starting to learn that it’s not all just about his people. That journey for him takes some time, but it’ll start to really influence the way he handles situations now… It starts to come down to morality, and whether we deserve to live.

the 100 better bellamy 1 Bob Morley teases The 100s apocalypse secret: A throwback to Season 1

Is Bellamy still feeling guilt for killing the Grounder army with Pike?

Yeah, I think he’s absolutely carrying that around with him. He’s always carrying some sort of weight or responsibility. Now he’s got the burden of the guilt that goes with him. I think that’s what Kane is trying to get him to get over. He’s just basically trying to get Bellamy to understand that the decisions from here on out have to be made with a clear head. The guilt that you’re carrying isn’t going to help, it’s just going to hinder you, and your ability to make the right choice.

I don’t think he should be let off lightly — a lot has happened — but the fact that there is a ticking clock on this thing doesn’t allow him to indulge, in a way, his own depression about what he’s done.

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Bellamy and Octavia are split up in the first few episodes. Do you think that breathing room will be good for their relationship?

Absolutely. Bellamy said at the end of Season 3 that he didn’t want her to just kill for the sake of revenge, because that’s something that he had done, and he’s now dealing with those demons. But saying that — it’s very easy for him to say, but her, she has to learn that for herself.

I think Bellamy knows that she needs space from him and that his word doesn’t mean as much as it used to to her, which is quite a painful thing for both of them. His choice to leave and her choice to stay is, I think, probably the best choice at the moment. If you push them into trying to understand each other, one of them ends up getting the crap kicked out of them.

Will Bellamy play a part in any of the Ark flashbacks this year?

You’re going to learn a lot more about the mythology of the Ark and how things came to be. I’m not necessarily sure you’ll be seeing Bellamy throughout a lot of that, but you’ll definitely have a better understanding of the world they live in through those flashbacks.

Will Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship be more solid this year now that they’re on the same side?

Well, even though they’re on the same side, they still have an absolute different approach to leadership. That’s going to cause a lot of problems as well, but they’re working towards the same goal with just a different method. It’s always frustrating when you’re with your friend and you agree on the same [destination], but you get there through different methods, and you try to convince the other one that you’re right. So there’s a lot of that going on.

Not everyone in the group is on the same page as Bellamy and Clarke… There’s a lot of conflict going on between Bellamy and Clarke, and then Bellamy and Clarke and the rest of the leadership group.

the 100 better bellarke Bob Morley teases The 100s apocalypse secret: A throwback to Season 1

Is a romance between Bellamy and Clarke on the agenda for this year at all?

I think that the world that they live in doesn’t really lend itself to a good relationship, in terms of romance. The world is definitely not lending itself to romance at all right now, but they will definitely grow with each other and learn from each other. This season is a really interesting one where you see, in a way, their ideologies shift. When that happens, it’s really interesting — when Bellamy and Clarke almost change roles in a way. Maybe not roles, but definitely ideologies, on what is right and what is wrong. It will be a lot of fun to play.

What about Bellamy and Echo? Are we going to see them butt heads again?

Yeah, absolutely. I love working with Tasya [Teles], and it’s great to have Echo back, because it’s always good to have that conflict. Those two are definitely entwined throughout the season, and you’ll have to wait and see what happens there. Even I was pretty surprised with the outcome. It was a lot of fun. It was a great time to work within that realm. Even though the world is ending, there’s also these personal problems and issues that need to be addressed as well.

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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