‘Bored to Death’ Season 3: 5 things to love about the new trailer

How many wolf packs can one man have?

The proper, full-length trailer for Season 3 of “Bored to Death” has arrived, and in addition to showing off Zach Galifianakis’ antics in another comedic trio, it makes the upcoming run of the HBO comedy seem rather intense.

It also makes the new season look fantastic, so we’ve decided to break down the 5 greatest moments from the 62-second spot.

And so you you know just how much we’re digging this promo, Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman) and George (Ted Danson) rubbing Sarah Silverman’s feet during what appears to be a therapy session isn’t even one of them. That’s how much.

1. Bigger budget!

bored-to-death-season-3-full-trailer-1.jpgYes, that is Jonathon hanging off the clock tower of Brooklyn’s WIlliamsburgh Bank Building in an apparent ode to silent film actor Harold Lloyd and/or Doc Jones. Last we checked, “Bored to Death” was a modest comedy with few thrills, so maybe they are laying on the action this season.   

2. Ted Danson’s high-waist khakis

bored-to-death-season-3-full-trailer-2.jpgHilarious, versatile and eternally youthful, it’s easy to forget that Danson is nearing 64 years of age. And dudes in their 60s love them some awkwardly high-rising slacks. Apparently we can expect some sort of gay beatnik heist this season…

3. Furry porn

bored-to-death-season-3-full-trailer-3.jpgThe latest of Jonathan’s many Craigslist detective assignments taking him to the seedy sexual underbelly of New York, Season 3 is also getting some sort of mystery revolving around furries… or an illicit romance between two opposing sports mascots. (Sidenote: is that Ray (Galifianakis) in the middle of that furry sandwich?)  

4. Clown Ray and a baby

bored-to-death-season-3-full-trailer-4.jpg Has Ray’s sperm-donation baby finally resurfaced? It’s one possible explanation for his frustration with being a “Park Slope mom.” And this shot of him with a clown nose an Popeye pipe, Michael-Jackson-ing a small child out of a window.  

5. This…

bored-to-death-season-3-full-trailer-5.jpgNo comment necessary.

Season 3 of “Bored to Death” premieres Monday, Oct. 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

Photo/Video credit: HBO

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