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Brad Pitt’s ‘Meet Joe Black’ Goes Viral For The Greatest Reason

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1998’s Meet Joe Black arrived on the peak of Brad Pitt‘s heartthrob era. The film was mostly forgettable (although drilled into audience’s brains with a three-hour runtime) aside from one ridiculous scene. You know the one. Before Brad Pitt’s character turned Death, he was merely a good looking younger man in a espresso store who made a melt-y impression on Claire Forlani’s feminine lead. This was as meet-cute a scene because it comes, ending with each staring again at one another wistfully (and repeatedly), after which disaster strikes. Coffee-Shop-Brad stupidly pauses in the course of the street, all lovestruck, then blammo. The poor man ricochets between a number of autos like a ping pong ball.

Not a really perfect first encounter! Oh, however the sheer madness of the scene (I’m undecided how a lot of the $90 million price range went into CGI-ing this factor, however bravo) nonetheless arrives with the identical power twenty years later. Twitter consumer Rose O’Shea caught a community replay of the Death Takes A Holiday remake for the primary time (!) on Thursday evening. She swiftly declared it to be “the most bonkers one minute of a movie that I have ever seen.”

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