Christopher Meloni would return to ‘Law & Order: SVU’ as Det.

christopher-meloni-hat-gi.jpgDet. Elliot Stabler lives! Well, he’s alive and well somewhere in the world, and could possibly return to NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” at some point in the future. Star Christopher Meloni says that he would be open to reprise his role as one half of TV’s best detective duos ever.

Meloni, who left the show after the May 2011 finale, tells TVLine that he would be up for returning — if only for the fans’ sake. “The fans really got the rug pulled out from under them,” he says. “I am
absolutely very empathetic about that; I get it.”

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Don’t expect it to happen any time soon — it’s not as if Meloni and NBC have actually discussed anything — but keep that hope in your heart alive. A Benson-Stabler reunion could happen in the future.

“No one has approached me or anything like that,” he tells TVLine of heading back to the show he called home for 12 years. “But I’m open to all possibilities. I love those people, I love the actors, it was a magnificent ride. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Do you want Meloni to go back to “SVU”? (At least for the finale, right?!)

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