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‘Colony’ season premiere — can Will trust his former partner?

If “Colony’s” season 2 premiere proved one thing, it’s that trust is worth it’s weight in gold… If you can find it, that is.

“Eleven. Thirteen”’s depiction of the Arrival is slow build of terror, one that you can feel twisting in the pit of your stomach from before the opening credits. We know the world order the RAPs created, but watching their sudden appearance plays to the utter unpredictability we’ve come to fear from terrorism. It’s enough the spark the fight or flight response in even the most seasoned FBI agents.

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For Will’s (Josh Holloway) partner Devon (Carolyn Michelle Smith), the answer was flight. Just moments before the EMP shocked Will into a cross-town journey of his own, Devon laid it bare: “We need to get out of here. Tell me your survival instinct isn’t screaming right now,” Devon urged her partner. “Whatever’s going on out there, a couple a Feds aren’t going to make a difference.

As much as we rely on government agents to hold the door, as it were, these two particular suits would have never survived the Raps’ arrival if they hadn’t put Downtown in the rearview when they did. We know the Bowmans survived the Red Hats’ soldier/police decimation under false identities, but we’re left to wonder exactly how Devon stayed below the radar in Santa Monica… Or if she even has.

We’re not here to cast aspersions on Devon’s moral character, Will’s already done that for us. Instead, we’re putting an asterisk next to her affiliation. Is she a collaborator? Resistance? Or is the former agent merely hiding in the middle ground?

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Out initial guesses pinned her as the mysterious Solomon– and while that could still be the case, Charlie’s (Jacob Buster) use of Solomon’s name in the Season 1 finale makes us think otherwise. The youngster was perfectly acquainted with his father’s coworker ahead of the Arrival, so why wouldn’t he address her as he did in the past?

Even considering the possibility Devon dipped into the Bible while constructing her new identity — or that Charlie is unaware of Solomon’s true visage — one would hope she would at least extend a helping hand to a stranded 12-year-old friend?

Does Devon’s allegedly shady disposition make her a prime contender for the title of street crime overlord? It would play to “Colony’s” proclivity for bitter irony if, in turning to Devon for help, Will was unwittingly in contact with his son’s boss the entire time.

For now, Devon and the Santa Monica bloc are Will’s only problems. When he heads back through the gateway (hopefully with Charlie in tow), the Bowman patriarch will have to handle a Big Brother twist, Bram’s (Alex Neustaedter) arrest, and Gracie’s (Isabella Crovetti-Cramp) worrisome indoctrination…

“Colony” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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