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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom & Donna Lynne Champlin Break Down Those Massive Cli…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has wasted no time this season delivering twists that lesser shows might hold on to for months, and tonight’s episode–only the third in the CW show’s second season–was no exception.

After waffling back and forth over Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) and Greg (Santino Fontana), performing “Love Triangles” (possibly the series’ best song) in the style of Marilyn Monroe in the process, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) finally made a decision and landed on Greg … just as he decided to get the heck out of West Covina. She dashed to the airport and made it in time, but will it be enough to convince him to say? To be continued.

That wasn’t the only cliffhanging curveball the show threw our way in the final moments. Even more shocking was the twist in store for Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), who, after finally deciding to follow her dreams and head to law school, found out that she’s got an accidental bun in her oven. With Paula’s professional dreams and Rebecca’s romantic hopes hanging before them both on very thin thread, don’t expect the road ahead to be easy.

“She’s working, she’s got kids, and now she’s adding a new element of the job, and then the element of the pregnancy of course comes out of nowhere,” Champlin told E! News during a recent visit to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend set. “How do you balance all of this stuff? Or do you get to the point where you go, ‘I literally can’t do all of this. Something’s got to go.’ Is it your dream of law school? Is it your marriage suffers? Is it you’re not there for your kids? Something’s got to give.”

“I think something really great is that it’s not her going off and dealing with the situation herself. It’s family planning. It’s the definition of family planning,” Bloom added. “She and Scott [Steve Monroe] really make an informed decision together.”

And about that Greg and Rebecca cliffhanger, Bloom wouldn’t spill any details about what happens next, but what she did have to say didn’t exactly put us at ease.

“What I will say: Greg and Rebecca are at very different places in their lives,” Bloom warned. “We ended the season with both of them kind of having taken these big steps back, with a lot of unrealized revelations. In the three weeks that take place between the end of season one and the beginning of season two, Greg has grown leaps and bounds and he’s transcended a lot of his problems and anxieties in a way that Rebecca hasn’t. In fact, she’s gone further back.”

As romantic as Rebecca’s race to the airport seemed, Bloom was quick to remind that fantasy isn’t always reality. “No matter what the romantic comedy aspect of chasing somebody to the airport is—In Rebecca’s fantasy, that’s all that matters. She’s chased someone to the airport,” she said. “What matters is they’re on completely different levels when they meet in that airport.”

For more from the Crazy Ex stars, including why Champlin’s so excited about Paula’s latest setback, be sure to check out the video above.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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