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Digital Juice Miniburst 256 LED Video Light Panel for DSLR Cam…

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Lighting is arguably the single most important parameter in producing a high-quality video for photographers, videographers and production crews. Having an affordable, portable, bright LED light source always on hand — one that stays cool, can be easily dimmed or filtered, and lasts for hours — can mean the difference between success and failure on a video shoot for any amateur or professional photographer, especially when on location. The Digital Juice MiniBurst 128 and MiniBurst 256 LED light Panels gives a high-output portable 200W hotlight equivalent light that is Daylight (5600K) balanced. You can also use the included Warming Filter for 3200k or Soft Diffuser for 4200k. Each budget friendly LED Miniburst kit is powered by and included with long-lasting rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. They can run for over 2 hours on one charge or are powered directly from an electrical outlet with the provided 12v AC power supply. Each of these useful LED light panel also comes provided with a hotshoe swivel mount for on-camera use, an attractive deluxe carry case, battery charger unit with additional car charger adapter, as well as a 0-100 on-board dimmer switch to vary the light intensity as needed. MiniBurst 128 and 256 lights are perfect for wedding and event videography, on-location on-camera interviews, vacation footage and on the go shots of all kinds for photographers and videographers who are beginners and professionals as well.LED Light With 256 High-Powered LEDs ( Rated at CRI >95 with 5600K Daylight Balanced Temperature)
Adjustable Stepless Dimmer For 0-100% Brightness and Additional On/Off Toggle Switch for Total Control
Light Runs on: 7.4v Rechargeable 6000mAh Lithium Ion Battery or 12v AC Power Supply – Also Includes Charger for Battery
Includes 2 Diffusion/Filters for Warming & Soft
Includes Swivel Hot-Shoe & Tripod Mount

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