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Donald Trump’s election might change ‘Quantico’ Season 2 for the better

If one good thing came out of all the turmoil and outrage surrounding the presidential election, it’s that it’s caused “Quantico” Season 2 to head in a happier direction.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Josh Safran says the “Quantico” writers room has actually been inspired by Trump’s election, rather than discouraged. “It’s been an interesting week because of course, none of us want to deal with terrorism at this moment when a lot of us feel potentially terrorized,” Safran says.

Considering the amount of protests, riots and hate crimes that have occurred in the past six days, we have to agree. It’s not exactly fun to watch a country in crisis on TV when you’ve been watching a country in crisis on an endless news cycle all day.

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But how has this change worked in the fans favor for the future of “Quantico?” Safran might just give us a happier ending this time around.

“Right now, it’s hard for me to make ‘Quantico’ a show that terrorizes you in a time of terror, so the goal now is: How can we make the show representative of what the world could be as opposed to what it is?” Safran says.

“In times of happiness and prosperity and good will it’s okay to have a show that raises your blood pressure because you can turn it off and say, ‘But I’m okay.’ But in a time of despair and despondency, I definitely don’t want my blood pressure raised so high that I feel even more in a spiral when it’s over.”

The second season of “Quantico” has certainly raised our blood pressure these past few episodes, with Alex (Priyanka Chopra) fighting for her life inside a locked down district and possible traitors lurking behind every corner.

It’s all in good fun for the audience, but this kind of dark material doesn’t provide for excellent escapism in the similarly dark times we’re experiencing in the wake of the recent election. If — heaven forbid — we were to lose another a beloved character, we’re not sure how we, as an audience, would recover from yet another blow to our confidence in truth, justice and the American way.

So what would this brighter direction for “Quantico” look like? We’ll have to wait a while to find out.

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“The episode we’re shooting now, we were able to go in and reflect the world better,” Safran promises. “We are talking a lot about how the female President on our show [Marcia Cross] was not elected, she only got that position when the President stepped down. And there’s discussion about how she never would have been elected if she had run herself. So there’s things like that.”

We’re more than eager to see “Quantico” take on the complex question of why Hillary Clinton (or any female candidate for that matter) couldn’t win a presidential election. If we had to guess, we bet we’ll get some stark comparisons about a highly qualified woman, whose seemingly cold personality and unfaithful husband made her an undesirable candidate for the American electorate.

Bring it on, “Quantico.”

“Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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