Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books

Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books

Movie DVDEveryone’s favorite preschool monster demonstrates three activities in this compilation of some popular “Elmo’s World” segments from Sesame Street. Joining him are segment regulars Dorothy the pet goldfish and Mr. Noodle, the lovable, bumbling adult stand-in for children, who makes mistakes but perseveres until he gets it right. In each episode, real children also take turns mastering the skill. In “Dancing,” Elmo shows off his finesse at the flamenco and hula, while the children choose more free-form moves. (Elmo’s monster friend Zoe also makes a cameo appearance.) In “Books,” a boy and his father visit the library in search of dinosaur books. And in “Music,” kids play the flute and violin, while Mr. Noodle is a little slow in learning to bang the drum. For parents who meant to tape the “Elmo’s World” segments, but never quite did it, this 45-minute video is a lucky break. Primarily for ages 2-5, but Elmo fans of all ages will enjoy it. –Kimberly Heinrichs

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5 thoughts on “Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books

  1. Review by Debbie for Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books
    My kids, ages 2 & 3, just LOVE this video! They have always loved the “Elmo’s World” segments on Sesame Street and now they get to watch 3 of them in a row…they are mesmerized throughout the entire video! As a mother, I don’t feel guilty about letting them watch because it contains so much learning material on dancing, books and music…a must-have for a toddler/pre-schooler’s video library!

  2. Review by Christopher Anderson for Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books
    Elmo, Elmo, and more Elmo…If your child loves Elmo as much as mine, he or she will scream with delight every time this video starts. This tape will get your child singing and dancing with joy. My son particularly loves the dancing vignette and tries to Can-Can along with Elmo and the dancers! I definitely recommend this one.

  3. Review by Bookworm in WI for Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books
    My daughter, 17 months, has been a Sesame Street fan for about 3 months now. No matter what she’s doing, she stops cold as soon as the Elmo’s World theme music starts! Now, if we’re ever out and unable to catch the day’s episode of Sesame Street, she never has to go without Elmo’s World! What’s great about this video (and the 3 other volumes that have since come out!) is that it contains 3 complete episodes of Elmo’s World! You can either really treat your child, and let them watch all 3 (heaven on earth, in their minds), or “ration” them out, one at a time, if you just need 15 minutes to get dinner on, relax (what’s that?), or whatever. If your little one needs that Elmo “fix”, get this video, and all the other Elmo’s World videos! They’re well worth the money!

  4. Review by D. R. Jeanclerc for Elmo’s World – Dancing, Music, and Books
    Our two-year old loves all things Elmo but this DVD stands out among all of the others.

    It contains three episodes of “Elmo’s World”. Each episode follows a similar flow of events while covering different topics: dancing, books and music. Each episode contains

    * funny skits (Our son always laughs at the misadventures of Mr. Noodle. In case you have a preference, all three episodes on this DVD have the “original” Mr. Noodle played by Bill Irwin rather than the newer one played by the late Michael Jeter)

    * songs and counting exercises that encourage active participation (he mimics the hokey pokey and points to the counting objects as they appear on the screen)

    * instructional live-action video clips. For example, the “Reading” episode has a clip on the basics of how the library works and encourages kids to have their parents take them there. This will obviously be lost on younger toddlers, but shows how the content will be interesting to a wide variety of ages.

    The episode format is great for younger toddlers because they can key in on what type of skit or song is upcoming after only a few viewings. Other Elmo DVDs (i.e. “The Best of Elmo”) don’t follow this pattern, and so he’s not as interested in them at this young age; those DVDs function more as sing-alongs for older toddlers.

    I disagree with some of the other negative reviews based on the disc’s inability to hold a toddler’s complete attention for the whole hour. First off, I doubt that there’s anything in the world that could hold a two-year old’s complete attention for more than ten minutes. Second, I believe that programs like this one are most beneficial when your child enjoys its content interactively along with others. We love watching this DVD along with him and he loves showing off how he can dance along with it and point out and name specific objects.

    Another criticism that I’ve seen stems from the commercials that are at the very beginning of the main program. You can skip past these trailers for other Sesame Street DVDs just by advancing to the next chapter. One button – not hard at all.

    In summary, this DVD has great educational content for kids within a wide range of ages and it’s very entertaining as well.

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