Exclusive: Coogan and Brydon Take The Trip

In 2005, Michael Winterbottom directed the period comedy Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story , which was a movie-in-a-movie adaptation of the British tome that reteamed him with Steve Coogan following 24 Hour Party People . People who saw the movie walked away from it charmed by the interplay between Coogan and British comic Rob Brydon, who was and still is virtually unknown on this side of the pond despite being hugely popular in Britain.

Now, Coogan and Brydon have been reunited for The Trip , a pseudo-documentary about the duo’s trip through Northern England visiting various restaurants and landmarks, which ran in the UK as a six-episode series and Winterbottom has cut down to a two-hour film that’s being released in the States. Most people who see it will think that it’s…

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