Fall Movie Preview 2012: Horror

For some odd reason in past fall movie seasons, there has been a surprising dearth of horror movies. Does Hollywood not know how Halloween works? Thankfully it looks like they have wised up, because 2012 is bringing a fall movie schedule that is packed with scary flicks.

In addition to Jennifer Lawrence taking a stab at the Jamie Lee Curtis archetype, there’s also plenty of creepiness involving zombies, ghosts, demons that hide in video tapes and, oh yeah, a little movie called “Paranormal Activity 4.”

You can take a look at all the upcoming horror films in the slideshow below. Keep an eye out all this week for Moviefone’s 2012 Fall Preview.

  • “[REC] 3: Genesis”

    Release Date: September 7 (Limited Release and Video OnDemand) Who’s In It: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin What’s It About? The Spanish zombie series (that inspired the American “Quarantine”) gets another installment when the mysterious biblical zombie plague descends upon a luxurious wedding and the happy newlyweds must mow down the undead with a chainsaw. Why We’re Excited: The “[REC]” series have produced some of the most adrenaline-charged, relentless zombie scares of the last decade.

  • “Resident Evil: Retribution”

    Release Date: September 14 Who’s In It: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez What’s It About? Alice. Leather bodysuit. Umbrella Corporation. Big Guns. Zombies. Why We’re Excited: If Number 5 is successful, then they promise to wrap it up with a sixth installment. It’s “Resident Evil’s” world, we’re all just livin’ in it.

  • “House at the End of the Street”

    Release Date: September 21 Who’s In It: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue What’s It About? A newly-divorced mother and her teen daughter move to a small rural town, where the teen just happens to fall for the next-door neighbor: the lone survivor of a family brutally murdered by the sister, who then mysteriously vanished. Why We’re Excited: Every great actress needs to do a tour of “scream queen” duty and Lawrence’s “Hunger Games” fans won’t be shooed away by the movie’s PG-13 rating.

  • “Sinister”

    Release Date: October 5 Who’s In It: Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio What’s It About? Hawke stars as a true-crime novelist who moves his family into a house where the previous tenants were murdered. Investigating old home movies of the deceased family, he discovers a supernatural demon that lives inside the pictures and may threaten his family next. Why We’re Excited: A genuinely creepy-looking monster and some unnerving scares involving photos could make this a surprising October chiller.

  • “V/H/S”

    Release Date: October 5 (Limited Release and Video OnDemand) Who’s In It: Joe Swanberg, Helen Rogers What’s It About? A group of criminals is hired to break into a dead man’s house and steal a mysterious VHS tape. When the house is filled with a strange collection of films, the robbers are forced to watch the horrifying events recorded on each one. Why We’re Excited:  “V/H/S” is probably the scariest movie of the year. Done as an anthology of “found-footage” a la “Blair Witch,” a collection of horror’s most promising young directors have created an unrelenting variety pack of pants-wetting terror.

  • “Paranormal Activity 4”

    Release Date: October 19 Who’s In It: Katie Featherton What’s It About? All that’s been revealed about the top-secret plot is that it takes place five years after “Paranormal Activity 2” and picks up on the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter. Why We’re Excited: The “Paranormal Activity” series have become a blockbuster Halloween tradition.

  • “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”

    Release Date: October 26 Who’s In It: Sean Bean, Malcolm McDowell, Carrie-Anne Moss What’s It About? Heather Mason, the teenage protagonist of the “Silent Hill” video game series makes her film debut, when she is dragged into the hellish alternate reality that is the source of her nightmares. Why We’re Excited: If the movie can live up to the game’s creepy visuals (in 3D to boot!) then “Revelations” can be a very scary-looking movie.

  • “The ABCs of Death”

    Release Date: November 2 (Limited and Video OnDemand) What’s It About? 26 directors make 26 shorts revolving around the various ways people meet their end – all done in a morbidly-educational fashion. Why We’re Excited: It’s the most inventive film of the whole bunch, and 26 letters in the alphabet means there are 26 ways to offer up some blood and guts.

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