Final Destination 5 – Official Trailer [HD]

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 12 August 2011 Genre: Horror | Thriller Cast: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta Directors: Steven Quale Writer: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick Studio: Warner Bros. Plot: Survivors of a suspension bridge collapse frantically work together to try and outwit Death and its sinister agenda.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “Final Destination 5 – Official Trailer [HD]

  1. People who don’t appreciate this movie are too drawn to Twilight movies and linear story plots that don’t make you think. This movie is pure genius. See it on

  2. I just saw it at and I had unbelievable expectations for it(the kind that expected the next Star Wars out of it). And I was not disappointed in the least.

  3. Loved the movie, was pouring though. Literally did not stop crying for hours coz tears kept coming back whenever I thought about the movie. Totally recommending it 🙂 Beautiful song as well 🙂 I saw at cause movie didn’t come at my town,but online warching was great experience..

  4. i feel sooooo bad for the lady who was having something done 2 her eye. she was shaking and holding a teddy bear. now i feel sad. : ( good thing it wasnt real. i still feel bad tho

  5. This movie took a fat budget to be created but by definition you can’t put a price on a piece of priceless art.Bottom line…this is a must see and a must see at the movie site

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