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Find Out Which Oscar-Winning Actor Has a Secret YouTube Account

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Well, all right, all right, all right, we just uncovered a gem on the Internet.

Surprisingly, one of your favorite Hollywood actors has been chopping it up on YouTube right underneath our noses, and we’ve finally been acquainted with all of its beauty, thanks to a redditor by the name of S1icedBread. Have you guessed who we’re talking about yet? C’mon the opening line was the biggest giveaway.

Yes, we’re talking about Matthew McConaughey!

[embedded content]

The Oscar winner and rom-com man of our dreams is also a part-time YouTuber, and has been sharing video clips with his 45,167 subscribers. While we wish we could say McConaughey has been posting videos of him just chit-chatting about who knows what (because we love when he does that), it’s mostly videos of him promoting his projects.

Which is still entertaining.

Along with a few trailers for his films, McConaughey also promotes a few charities to help raise awareness for specific organizations that he works with, The Just Keep Livin Foundation, which raises money to support teenagers at inner-city high schools, and the I Am Waters Foundation, which delivers clean water to the homeless.

We’re not sure how this all went under the radar for so long, but we are just so grateful to finally have this in our lives.

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